Tracey Emin (London, 1963) scrutinizes the emotions of human existence, and turns her personal experiences, memories and feelings into art that is both intimate and universal. For her exhibition at Galleria Lorcan O’Neill in Rome this September, Emin has worked for more than two years on powerful new paintings in her studios in London and France. The show also includes new works on paper in brush and ink. 
Emin has worked in a wide range of media, from painting, sculpture, drawing, neon, film, to photography and needlework. Her work has an immediacy, and often a sexual frankness, which establishes her art within the tradition of artists who have placed the human body at the centre of their endeavours. From Michelangelo to Vermeer, from Rodin and Munch to De Kooning, these artists whom Emin has admired have plumbed the depths of human existence through the representation of the human figure.
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