The Planetary Garden
MARCH 2023 - APRIL 2023

Since the late 1990s, Ruffo’s practice has examined some of the most pressing social matters of our time, from the legacy of European colonialism and imperialism to the migrant crisis of the past two decades. The Planetary Garden continues Ruffo’s ongoing exploration of humankind’s relationship to the natural world, and of the impact of human activities upon the climate. 

FEBRUARY 2020 - JULY 2020
Pietro Ruffo presents  MAREMOTO - Tidal Wave, his fourth exhibition at Galleria Lorcan O’Neill. Ruffo explores themes such as liberty, democracy, war, commerce, colonialism;  he delves into anthropology, philosophy, and political history.  For this show he has created monumental wall-installations in hand-painted blue and white ceramic tiles. These works use the idea of water – the most spectacular identifier of our planet, blue with water – in all its complexity: a geographical boundary, a source of food and wealth, an abused and polluted habitat, a protector, a destroyer, the source of all life.
Irhal - Irhal
This is Pietro Ruffo's third exhibition at Galleria Lorcan O'Neill Roma. These new framed works use paper and cartographic maps which Ruffo cuts, paints, assembles, and configures into complex images that refer directly to the political ideals expressed by the protesters during the recent uprisings in North Africa and the Middle East.
Galleria Lorcan O'Neill Roma
With a series of large portraits, Pietro Ruffo reflects on his time at a psychiatric health center in Switzerland, where he collaborated with resident patients to create a permanent artwork.
MAY 2007 - AUGUST 2007
Galleria Lorcan O'Neill Roma
Using flags and maps of six different countries, Pietro Ruffo's drawings, watercolours, and paintings trace the cultural and economic influence of some of the world’s most powerful states.

Breve Storia del resto del mondo
APRIL 2016 - JUNE 2016
Fondazione Puglisi Cosentino, Catania
"Breve Storia Del Resto Del Mondo" is an anthology of works focussing on the main social themes, a journey through the universal principles of tolerance and democracy, the idea of progress of a civilization, the forms of colonisation, the processes of cultural, social and religious emancipation that give rise to ancient and unsolved conflicts between populations. Historical and political consciousness, anthropological analysis, critique of philosophical thought, pschology of contemporary society, but also study of landscape, art-making practice linked to project design and to the typical attitude of a researcher, Pietro Ruffo, committed to a lonely and poetic reconstruction of the history (of the rest) of the world.
JANUARY 2010 - APRIL 2010
Second appointment at MACRO, Museum in Rome, with works of young Roman artists in dialogue between eachother.
Pietro Ruffo presents a large installation of an Italian landscape. His show is curated by Ilaria Marotta.
I sei traditori della libertà
JUNE 2010 - JULY 2010
Pastificio Cerere, Rome
I sei traditori della libertà is a solo show by Pietro Ruffo, presenting his final step on the figure of Isaiah Berlin and the concept of positive/negative freedom elaborated in the text "Two concepts of freedom" (1958). The exhibition is curated by Laura Barreca.
La Gioventù delle Colline
MAR, Ravenna
Ruffo depicts scenarios of conflict in Middle East as a historical stereotype, free of any moralistic intention. The artist explains the way in which the actions of war are directly related to animal instincts in nature.
Un istante complesso
MAY 2009 - JULY 2009
Centro Arti Visive Pescheria, Pesaro
In this solo show, curated by Ludovico Pratesi, Ruffo presents a group of six large flags: Israel, Lebanon, Iran, Iraq, Syria and Hamas, whose territory is fraught with political and religious conflicts.