Il Sei Novembre del Duemilatrentanove
FEBRUARY 2013 - APRIL 2013
The past few years have seen Beninati concentrating on installations at large biennale exhibitions in Italy, China, Turkey, Eastern Europe. Between these commitments, he has been working on a new body of work in his studio in Palermo, paintings which show the artist entering a new pictorial phase in his career. They will be exhibited for the first time in Rome.
Rescued Pictures
MAY 2005 - AUGUST 2005
Galleria Lorcan O'Neill Roma
Manfredi Beninati’s work hangs in a delicate balance between sweetness and disconcertion, referring both to children's toys and to the sculpture of 19th century Italian artist Medardo Rosso.
JUNE 2003 - AUGUST 2003
Galleria Lorcan O'Neill Roma
Manfredi Beninati’s use of images of the family in his paintings flirts with the conventional Madonna and child, provoking a modern, psychological interpretation of the genesis of life.

Made Up
Liverpool Biennial International Festival of Contemporary Art
Manfredi Beninati takes part of the Biennial with an installation To Think of Something, a new site-specific commission, behind the fagade of apparently abandoned building, Beninati reveals to us a secretly inhabited apartment. The boarded up windows of a derelict burnt-out house play host to a poster, but a gap in the hoarding offers a stolen glimpse onto an altogether more domestic scene.
51st Venice Biennale
JUNE 2005 - NOVEMBER 2005
DARC Pavilion, Giardini, Venice
In 2005 Manfredi Beninati was selected as one of four young artists to represent his country at Venice Biennale. His installation was at DARC Pavilion in the Giardini. Beninati's pictorial production is intrinsically bound to installations that appear to be deserted sets, spaces that are often inaccessible and that the viewer can only observe through cracks or darkened glass soliciting a sort of voyeurism which violates the private sphere and the indefiniteness of memory.