Eddie Peake presents People, his fourth exhibition at the gallery in Rome.The show features recent paintings in four distinct series, including vast works that resemble cinema screens, and small wooden panels.
A Historical Masturbators
JANUARY 2015 - APRIL 2015
Galleria Lorcan O’Neill is pleased to announce a solo exhibition of new works by Eddie Peake. Painting, sculpture, performances and installations will all feature in an immersive environment. Developed out of Peake’s solo presentation for Frieze New York 2014, Psychosis, the exhibition also draws on the six months the artist has spent living and working in Rome in the lead-up to this show. 

Call 2 Arms
JULY 2012 - SEPTEMBER 2012
Call 2 Arms is Eddie Peake's second exhibition at Galleria Lorcan O'Neill Roma. It opens with large spray paintings of faces rendered in vivid colours, made using the  negative space left by plastic bags and scarves. Also included are highlighter-coloured paintings on steel panels. 
Street View Project
On Friday 3 September 2010, Galleria Lorcan O'Neill Roma will open the third show of Street View program in the gallery's secondary space on the corner of Via Orti d'Alibert and Via della Lungara, with a project by English artist Eddie Peake.

The Forever Loop
Barbican London
For his new Curve commission, London-based artist Eddie Peake combines live performance with sculpture, video, installation and painting to create an energetic and erotic gallery experience. Sexuality and desire are constant themes in Peake’s live performances that typically foreground the naked body.
Amidst A Sea Of Flailing High Heels And Cooking Utensils, part 2
JULY 2012 - JULY 2012
Chisenhale Gallery, London
A one-night event devised by Eddie Peake. The piece features an original live musical composition and an ensemble of male and female dancers. Eddie Peake's performance is presented in co-operation with Tate Modern and follows the related performance, Amidst A Sea Of Flailing High Heels And Cooking Utensils, part 1 which took place on Saturday 21 July 2012.
Amidst A Sea Of Flailing High Heels and Cooking Utensils, part1
JULY 2012 - JULY 2012
The Tanks, Tate Modern, London
Eddie Peake presents a new performance made especially for the Tanks. He works with bodies, movement and music, playfully exploring physical form in all its manifestations.
The event coincides with the opening of the Tanks, the new space at the Tate Modern. The performance is presented in co-operation with the Chisenhale Gallery, London.
MARCH 2012 - MARCH 2012
Royal Academy of Arts, London
A performance at the Royal Academy of Arts where Eddie Peake is completing his Master's Degree. The performance, called Touch is a 30-minute game of naked five-a-side football.
Cell Projects, London Dem 2012
MARCH 2012 - MARCH 2012
A solo project by Eddie Peake: it is a rolling performance playing with the typical conventions and format of a solo show in a gallery. Eddie Peake has used edited VHS footage from his own family archive as a central point of departure, but where one might ordinarily expect to find video played on a loop in a gallery, invites the audience to request it to be played from the beginning, or not.