FEBRUARY 2014 - JUNE 2014
Hempton's work explores in a sometimes startling fashion contemporary questions around privacy and intimacy, what they mean in a world where traditional norms of modesty, prudence, privacy, and discretion have been provoked and adjusted to fit an age of redefined boundaries.
HANNA LIDEN - Diamonds in the Mine

Hanna Lidens work looks at the ignored edges of urban living. Her new sculptures are made from cement, tin cans, beer bottles, cheap sunglasses, garbage bags, chains and other overlooked debris from city life.

JUNE 2013 - JULY 2013
In via Orti D'Alibert, the artist shows a new series of works, acrylic paintings, portraits, abstract compositions and a self-portrait on paper, as well as two sculptures in cardboard and iron. At via della Lungara 42: Work No. 1584: Half the air in a given space, one of the artist’s iconic balloon installations. In the new gallery at vicolo dei Catinari 3 Creed presents a grand series of sculptures, composed of iron beams stacked according to diverse structural logic, based on the industrial standard dimensions, specifically conceived for this space.
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APRIL 2013 - MAY 2013
Prem Sahib's sculpture and paintings appears abstract and minimal, formally clean and precise. However each is begat from convictions regarding intimacy, sexuality, relationships, desire, and community.
River Crossing
APRIL 2013 - MAY 2013
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