GIANNI POLITI - 56 Henry, New York
56 HENRY presents Paintings From the Old World, and exhibition of new works by Gianni Politi. The show, comprised of six unique shirts made from painted canvas will be on view from January 13 through 14 February 2018.
open Wed. - Sun. 12:00 - 18:00
GIANNI POLITI - Palazzo Ziino, Palermo 2018
Scalza - Double solo show of Gianni Politi and Giuseppe Buzzotta 
Palazzo Ziino, via Dante 53, Palermo
Opening Wednesday 6 December 2017 at 17.30
Curated by Daniela Bigi and Gianna Di Piazza
6 December 2017 – 6 February 2018
GIANNI POLITI: BODYBUILDING - McNamara Art Projects, Hong Kong 2018
MARCH 2018
McNamara Art Projects presents Gianni Politi’s first solo exhibition in Hong Kong, featuring a suite of large abstract paintings, and small oil-on-canvas works inspired by Baroque portraiture.
JULY 2017
Gianni Politi's show Vussurìa can be viewed on the piano nobile at the recently restored Castello La Grua Talamanca, Carini - Palermo. Politi's intention is to move artistic activity from the studio to the castle and has created four works representing the four seasons.
15 July - 15 September 2017
GIANNI POLITI: 2017 - Fonderia Artistica Battaglia, Milan
APRIL 2018
Gianni Politi (Rome, 1986) presents new work made in collaboration with the Fonderia Battaglia in Milan and Galleria Lorcan O’Neill. The exhibition is titled 2017 after a year of significant personal and artistic growth for Politi. It includes several bronze sculptures cast at Battaglia and shown alongside a group of large abstract paintings.
13 April - 18 May 2018
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